Thursday, October 05, 2006

Has it really been four months?

oh my! No wonder nobody ever looks at my blog. It's because I never write in it! nothing and a lot has happened these past four months if that makes any sense. I still do the mom thing and Dale still is as busy as ever at work. But my oh my have our kids grown up. Geneva is walking jumping and running everywhere! Jonah now communicates in full sentances and they are both growing like weeds. Sometimes I take a moment to savor how little they are because I know it won't last long. We're going up to peace River for thanksgiving for peace River and sticking around here for christmas. we're still trying to recover financially from the summer so there will be no trip to Utah like we hed thrown out as an idea a few months ago. I might find my way down to Edmonton to visit my sisters after christmas whether they know it or not.
photos speak more than word so here's a few from this summer to tell what we did!the water ones are at slave lake the mud ones with the Purnell's are at pipestone. and the little girl is Jocelyn, a Very good friend of mine, Jackie came up with her family for a visit from Lethbridge( bless her soul... what a drive!)


LindsayB said...

Nice to see some pictures of the cute kids. Looks like a fun summer, sad its going to be a long cold winter. Even longer and colder for you.

Maurita said...

Hey love the photos.... nice.