Sunday, February 11, 2007

Officially potty trained!!! (i hope)

It a miracle Jonah figured it out. he's decided to be a big boy.
he's so independent about it too.
yesterday I thought for sure he'd had an accident when he yelled up the stairs
"mom I peed"
I tore down the stairs to see that he was in the bathroom with his pants off trying to
pee standing up. he just missed a little.
that has been the highlight of my week. pretty cool huh?
After he pees he often says to Me,
"I'm so proud of you mom"
so funny.


LindsayB said...

He's so cute Sarah! I'll need a few potty training tips in the future. But that is really the last thing on my mind right now, and Alli's too I'm sure. And poor little Geneva, an ear infection, of course! Some helpful nurse of a cousin I am!

Just Rhonda said...

Isn't it the best thing in the whole wide world when they get potty trained!!!!!!!