Thursday, March 15, 2007

my 1st scan-n-stitch!!

I have never taken the time to figure out this scanning thing to show my 12x12 pages on the internet. I finally did! It took me about an hour to follow and re-follow the instructions but I finally got It ! I'm so excited now I'm going to start showing some of my favorite pages! this one is kinda a steal from Becky's sketches 2 book. I just love this set of photos taken of my smiley girl on the deck this summer. I'm crazy! it's 1:31 am. I'm sure this little delight of a girl will get up soon... she's been awful for sleeping lately. I best be going to get what precious sleep I can.


LindsayB said...

That is such a cute layout. Every once and a while I wish a was a scrapper when I see such cute stuff, but it's just not in me!

Just Rhonda said...

SUCH A good page! Love the strips of ribbon that separate the color blocking! And congrats on figuring out the scanning program!