Friday, April 06, 2007

Jonah turns three!

I might be a little insane, but Jonah had fun. I had a birthday party with 5 of Jonah's 2 and 3 year old friends! Jonah wanted a soccer ball cake. So I expanded his idea and we had a soccer birthday. Soccer ballons napkins, plates, candles, tatoos, and a basketball pinata ( I would've made a soccer ball one but I ran out of time. I was chaotic at times, but for the most part we all had fun. toddlers are so cute!


Anonymous said...

Jonah's birthday looked liked so much fun. I got the message that I had a T4 sent to your address. If you could mail it to me, that be great. My address is Apt 103 10616 84 Ave T6E 2H6. Thanks so much

LindsayB said...

Now THAT is a PARTY! I can't beleive Jonah is 3, what a cutie. A fun party like that makes me want to come and visit YOU. You're such good mama.
And I'm jealous, that fish looks tasty. It's HUGE!