Tuesday, May 29, 2007

April/May updates

So much to tell so I'll make it point form

  • This last ward conference in april, Dale got called as the first councillor in the bishopbric! boy were we ever shocke! my friend Jackie put it right when I told her " I don't know whether to congratulate you or say sorry" Really it hasn't been that bad though they schedule their meetings in the mornings, so he's not away that much. I'm just thankful for the blessings.

  • Dales Grandpa Passed away (Doc Ames) the end of April when we were on our way to Utah luckily we did'nt go any further than Edmonton so wew were able to come back for the funeral. It was a beautiful funeral service with full military honors. He lived a good full life with his last 7 years spent working full time in the Edmonton temple. What a reunion it was for him and his wife on the other side! I'm happy for them.

  • Right after the funeral my mother-in- law DD and three of my sis-inlaw's Tawnia ,Danielle, and Chantelle. got to go down to women's conference in Provo Utah. I couldn't believe how many women were there 20,000 approx. I was an amazing feeling to feel the spirit along with all the other women in the Marriot center. I want to go every year! If i'm not nursing a baby

  • So that brings brings me to our next big news as of today i am 13 weeks pregnant. which is awsome. baby de to arrive Dec 7th I've been sick but it's starting to go away.

  • My sister Ashley came to visit in april that was fun my kids love her we had some good talks.

  • My parents and Doug came May long weekend I was feeling really sick so my mom was a big help. Dale got to help them in designing their new house that they bought with my sister marilyn.
  • We celebrated Dales and mines birthday in may we got a new fancy TV it's much nicer than our old 20 incher. Dale got me beautiful roses as well.
  • here's Jonah enjoying a root Beer


Just Rhonda said...

sorry to hear about DAle's grandpa and wow to the new calling. HUGE congrats on the upcoming baby. Your parents told me when I saw them in Edmonton!

LindsayB said...

So exciting for you to have another baby! Your mom and dad came over to visit last week. haven't seen them for a while. For sure look me up if you come to Edmonton this summer.

Susie said...

super exciting to have a new baby on the way. Sure hope your feeling better, must be hard to do the mom thing when your not feeling great. Fun to have your parents closer. I'm sure you'll be visiting edmonton a bit more now.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sarah! I love the picture of Geneva and goggles. That dress was definitely a good buy.


Maureen said...

Yay! I'm so excited you're expecting again. Will you find out what you're having or be surprised? I have a blog up now. it's timandmaureenluckwell.blogspot.com
check it out.

Claudine said...

I'm so THRILLED you're having another baby!! Congrats sweetie! Glad to finally be able to to keep in touch!
Love your blog! It's really cool!