Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Baycation

So we made the trek all the way down the province , down 3 states to Tooele Utah. what a trip!
here are some of the highlights.
-We stopped at Water Valley AB to stay at the Napier Hotel to stay with John, Wendi, an baby Shae so nice so relaxing they live in a little utopia. acreage with a like just across the road. lots of trees. we hung out at the lake had a bonfire. enjoyed good food and watched the kids play. so great to catch up with the Napiers! they are one of those lifelong friends.
-Had to party with the Rosemaryites on Canada day, boy do they know how to party!. I learned what mud bogging is, talent show, magic show, good food, We also got to visit the homestead where James Eastman grew up a gorgeous Ranch the kids loved feeding the horses!
-Went to my first real rodeo! pretty fun! got to see some real live cowboys.
- on this 1 trip we found out that Aubree, is allergic to penicillan,
- Jonah got sick down in Utah with some virus called Pharyngitis, it lasted 5 days(thankful that I got the travel insurance) then on the way home Geneva got it, then when we got home Dale got it! fun times. It's basically a sore throught accompinied with a high fever for 3+ days.
- I got to shop a bit. I got a new dress and Dale watched me try on clothes at target I think he was tolerant with this because it was out 7th anniversary.
-Utah is hot
- got to see new baby Andrew (Drew) Aaron Blum be blessed he is such a well behaved cute baby!
- We made our way back up north and made a stop in Calgary. we were going to just continue on home, but it just so happened to be Kid's day at the Stampede. we couldn't pass that up so we went even though Geneva was sick. thank goodness for my new double stroller! We love hanging out with the Kearls!
Oh i still haven't figured out how to post photos properly on this dang thing! I downloaded them chronologically, but they showed up the opposite! and how do you put comments on the bottom of them? because photos are just a bunch of gibberish words in the create section. anyone care to help me figure it out???


Amisha said...

I usually pick the "none" format option, instead of centre, left or right. Then you can put text above or below them. I don't know about putting them in chronological order though.

Jess said...

That looks like an awesome holiday. Good for you guys. Can't wait to see you guys on the weekend it should be a lot of fun.

Lynn said...


I stumbled onto your blog through Mandy Collins. I couldn't believe it when I read that you went to the Celebrations in Rosemary! Glad you like the celebrations. That is where my husband and I grew up. We were there that day too.

How do you know James Eastman? I use to babysit them. Yikes. I am dating myself. : D

My e-mail is on my profile. P.S. You have a really nice family. Loving your blog.