Monday, February 20, 2006

not a finisher

always in progress. That has been the excuse, the music, & the theme to my life. I am always starting new projects, & my house is eternally being cleaned. For the latter part of my life I learned to blame this "unfinisheritus" on the fact that I have ADD. But in all honesty I have never been clinically diagnosed. I just say that because in my last semester in college. I went to the college office where they help people with challenges to take a test to find out what my deal was. If they find a deficit they can give you extra time on exams. So I took the test and the lady said I was off the charts in the ADD section. That they would refer me to a shrink or whatever kind of Doctor they send you to tell you that. It was my last semester, exams were in a few weeks away and I figured ah whatever! I made It this far without any drugs or professional help... I'll be fine...and I am fine!! I'm great ! I somehow found a great husband (Dale). and we had two fine children. Jonah, almost 2 and Geneva, 6 months.
And Although I am flawwed and unfinished around the edges, I am grateful for where life has brought me. I continue to make the most out of each day whether that be all, or most of the laundry done and at the very least, a sketch started for a scrapbook page! Hopfully I'll finish the important things.


Wendi said...

Not a finisher eh? I think what's most important is being "a starter". That's what counts in my books baby. I love that you're doing the blog thing..even if it goes un-updated for long periods of time, I'll check back. I used to be a "not a finisher" kind of girl too. Well I haven't changed much but now I like to look at it as a "non-neglecter". Dirty laundry give the cat a place to sleep, and gives us more time for things that get nelgected- like a little cuddle or long showers. Wishing you many stained and stinky clothes to come.

phyllis sweetwater said...

sarah thankyou for making it easier for me to communicate with you and thanks for giving me a link!

Maurita said...

You did so good. Luv the page & the pict. (we need to doll ourselves up one day and have a little photo shoot-sans children)

luv ya, MO

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me. Lots of things to look at. Should be a fun way to keep in touch with those who care and we do care. I look forward to the time I can see more pictures of the kids. I liked you sisters page too. Haven't looked at the other I know yet but I will.
Love Ya
MOM IN Law Forever

Susie Tilleman said...

Sarah Well it sure been a while. Anyway lindsay told me you had a blog. so fun to see what is going on with you and sorta stay in touch. Me. not a blogger, maybe with kids (not saying I would have more time, but more to blog about)Catch up later
Love Susie

ginger said...

you dork! you made me cry! its ginger here! we suck at keeping in touch! the whole comments on southern alberta made me sooooo home sick. my clutter shelf has many of the same stuff. I think there is a tampon and a loonie, gum, and several reciepts from various stuff. love you and miss you hope to come see you soon.