Friday, March 03, 2006

What's on your shelf Today

what's on your shelf today?
I think every house in the universe that is normal has a clutter shelf. A place to put things that do not have a home or haven't made it to their home yet. I have a few of these. The two most popular places to put stuff is the ledge separating the front entryway and the living room, and in the kitchen by the phone. at this exact moment these are the things on the ledge:
Kid's tea cup,
penaten cream,
2 moist towelettes(yuo know the kinds from KFC, or something),
2 CD cases,
a tape measure,
a DVD not in it's case upside down,
a twist tie,
and 1 liter jug of bubbles.
If you have these things on your clutter shelf when you're reading it you get a prize!!!
Just joking but do give me some comments to tell me what's on yours
now I"m going to clean it off maybe I will feel like my whole house is clean if I do that


phyllis sweetwater said...

wow i cant even count how many odd places i have for things that are out of place. probably the worst is right on top of the washing machine because its beside the back door: a skull, a valentine, jay's boots, a steering wheel (for a stroler) nappies, a jar of tapioca. well, where else would that stuff go?

jay said...

my clutter shelf is on the cup holders well actually "every part that my butt is not when i am driving" is where my stash place is. it is filled with everything and anything. sweater mitts toque receipts, bills, blueprints, fast food bags, boots, book of mormon, cds, videos, magazines, nails, coin money, sunglasses, tubes of caulking(that's legit because they keep warm up there), hot chocolate mug, windsheild solution, an orange, i don't think i will eat it since i don't remember bringing it in there, pictures of my kids, a drawing my son did, a kids book, tape, a hand torch, a rock that my daughter gave me, a screw that she said would fix my van(that screw has been there for two years now), white and yellow pages, plumbing odds and sods, and some other things i can't remember. that's from two weeks worth

i cleaned it this afternoon.