Friday, April 14, 2006

Update on me' life

Hey It's been a while and I regret to inform you all the "Blogging" is not the high on my priority list, I just wish I was more computer savy there are some cool blogs out there. like my cousin lindsayb , and Rhonda steed.
It's Easter weekend and I'm very excited my sister Liana and her husband Larry will be her with their four children. I was so excited I couldn't sleep this morning I got up and showered and got dressed...weird that never happens.
here's some cute shot of my kiddies ..and for the record it was taken a few weeks ago so there is no more snow in our backyard!
Jonah and Geneva


phyllis sweetwater said...

cute kids, i hope those clothes fit.

LindsayB said...

i heard you had a blog and today i found it! love it! such fun cute pictures. haven't seen your kids forever, they are darling. i'm so flattered, i come to your blog for a visit and find a compliment to my blog, you're too kind. (mine dulls in comparison to rhonda's) i might just have to put you on my list of blog friends since i have only 2. ps. you don't even want to know the mess on my shelf.

Just Rhonda said...

Why hello there. I found your blog today thru Lindsay's. Cool. Love to see the photos of your kids and you. I'll be back!! :)