Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weird Obsession

Geneva , my 18 month old weirdo has this keen obsession with sticking things in her ears. I don’t know what to do about it. When I make a big deal about it she just starts doing it for attention, but when I ignore it that can get dangerous too! It’s kinda funny in a dangerous way. It’s usually toilet paper. But at the dinnertable she sticks any thing that is ear-sized. Green beans has been a favorite. One time when we were travelling back up the province I was handing her Wendy’s french fries. Just out of curiosity I checked her ears and sure enough! When we got Marilyn's house she had one shoved prety far up there we had to buy special tweezers to get it out! I’ve been to the doctor about it . Thankfully all that he has found is some wax build-up in one ear. His lame brain idea is to try keeping a bonnet on it so she can’t get at her ears. Yeah that lasted a whole 3o seconds, then she had a bonnet hanging around her neck. A great safety hazard! Any suggestions friends/ family???


Anonymous said...

when eartha was younger one night she would not fall asleep and i was getting frustrated, she wouldnt take her soother so i stuck it in her ear. she fell right asleep i cant explain it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like good times at the farm as always. Geneva and Jonah were looking pretty cute. I was impressed Jonah still remembered me. It was fun to have you all there.