Monday, September 01, 2008

still busy

-Canning cherries I haven't eaten those in years! I did them with my friend Kellie. I was worried they wouldn't seal but she said when she went to bed that night she could hear them one by one POP, POP yes! success! hope they taste like I remember like when when I was a kid and we would have cherries and Ice cream for dessert.

- I didn't take that job driving those kids in the morning the money wasn't as good as I thought. I'm glad but not glad. Glad because the thought of getting up at 6 am every morning was no that appetizing. But not glad because the incentive would have gotten my family into a better routine. with naps, and bedtimes etc. Now I'm going to have to discipline myself. I'll let you know how that goes.

-My calling. I like it, but I have a new found respect for anyone who works in an RS presidency. There is just so much to be aware of in a ward! I am really liking the blessings that have gone along with this calling though. I feel part of something and humbled, and happy in my calling and duty as a mom. I think I was going through a rut for a while there where I was finding things hard. and my grumpiness with my kids and husband was showing it. Lately my attitude has changed even though not much has changed. just this new calling. I guess I'm striving to do more of what my HF asks of me and it might just be as simple as that. It's too bad that serving in a calling is what it takes to get my butt in gear but that seems to be how I operate. I need to be put in some sort of responsibility to smarten up does that make sense?? now I'm just rambling.

- Jonah and Geneva are enrolled in Gymnastics. I waited in line for almost 2 hours to get them into a 10 week class. What we do for our kids I tell ya! It's funny they didn't even know what they were waiting in line for. So I lifted them up and showed them inside the Gym and I said "I need to pay for the class so you can learn Gymnastics" and about every 10 minutes Jonah would then ask "Mom when are we going to start the Elastics"?

-I got the renters in. Really It should always go that smooth: I met the old tenants at 7, we did the walk through, the place was immaculate, I gave them back their damage deposit. I said goodbye and good luck to them, then phoned the new renters they arrived in 10 minutes just enough time for me to weed the front yard. We did a walk through he gave me what he owed me and I said "here's you keys" I was back home by eight! Let me tell you it was not that smooth the time before! I am so lucky!

No post is complete without a photo. Here's the kids both sick with fevers. This the day they were supposed to start swimming lessons. Bummer!


Jess said...

Hey Busy Mommy seriously you are my hero. you will have to tell me how the gymnastics goes that is what I want to put Abby in eventually.

Just Rhonda said...

Wow you sound busy!!!! Glad that your calling is stretching and helping you grow!

LindsayB said...

Sounds like the life of a fun busy mom. i think i better just get my butt in gear on my own, no rs calling please!

joelle said...

hey love,
feel free to link it up,
it's not all that exciting,
i do exciting things,
but i'm still learning with the whole expressing it on the internet thing; somehow i can't quite capture the energy.
aha, i'm working on it though.
& i'm gonna put some pictures,
i have fun things to write up! woo.

Shelli said...

Sarah!!!!! HELLO! I can't believe that you are all grown up and a mom of many! I am so excited that I will get to see what you are up to! Shelli (Anderson) McCullough