Sunday, January 24, 2010

well cosidering I haven't done an entry in over a year I thought I'd give it a stab. I took a huge hiatus. i thought I would never blog again, because i was comparing myself to some of the other great women out there who remember to snap a picture and the house in the back ground is always clean...not that I hold that against any of you - it's admirable. I felt discouraged, then I thought what the heck! I'm going to do it anyaways.
My due date is tomorrow.
baby number 4 is coming! do I feel ready? what does that really mean? ready. no. but at the same time I am so excited to meet this little guy!( yes it's a bo)! to see what he looks like and to hear his little boy cry...I'm really anxious to be able to sleep withought aches and pains too. It's been hard pregnency because at 27 weeks I got put on modified bedrest, I wasn't suppossed to travel for 3 weeks and lift anything, including my 2 year old. So greatful for my amazing ward that helped out during this time. the meals, the cleaning , and even the company while I was couped up out here on the acerage. I have a feeling the the magnitude of 4 kids is going to hit me hard. We'll see.
I'd like to atleast get a post on here once a month, we'll see.
Here are some photos done in the fall of the family.


A Believer said...

So nice to see all of you! I am excited about your visit to us in April! We have a blog.

Just Rhonda said...

AWESOME pictures and awesome that you blogged again :)

Jess said...

Yeah. I am so excited that you are back. You look great in your pics. Good luck with the new baby I didn't even know you were expecting. You go girl!!!

LindsayB said...

YAY! welcome back to blogging! do a post asap when the new little guy arrives! cute family pics.

DaeJon said...

Sarah! I am glad you blog. I love reading about your family. You are so blessed to have so many little ones. keep blogging!