Friday, February 05, 2010

Dexter is here!

the 2 little ones are sleeping and the 2 big ones are watchinga movie...I should shower, but alas I'm putting in the weekly entry I wanted to start doing.

So after having labour pains on and off for half the pregnancy...Dexter arrived the day after his due date. I went in the morning of his due date because the contractions were 5 mins apart and I thoguht when it was time I would go quickly ...but alas it was not the real thing so I got sent home, and for all you who have been sent home -you feel like you've been punished. I went in again 18 or so hours later and he came in under 2hrs, when they told me I was 6cm, I said "so does that mean I can stay?" the nurse looked at me stupidly of course you are staying... so funny. I gave Dale a big high 5.

Ah Dexter I was quite unsure of the name, but Dale Loves it. It is just so manly...well he is going to be a man I went with it, and the more I look at him the more it fully suits him. He is such a good baby he's been around for 10 days now and he gives me 3, mostly 4 hours at night. last night I got a whole 5! what a difference it made I told the kids good news mom won't go back to bed after breakfast today! I'm so naughty but at this time in the game it's survival.

Dale and I went to a basket ball game with all 4 on wed. The team Dale used to play on before life got so crazy. first outing with all 4. we were driving home and we stopped to get some timbits....Dale and I were so tired and we were thinking...what were we thinking 4?? Well we can't turn back now! But No really we are thenkful for aour children each one of them. It's just a LOAD of blessings all at once. Al little overwhelming but when I have the right additude, I really enjoy my children. It's just trying to channel that additude on a daily basis.

Well the little wee one is stirring, and I better wake Aubree up before she pees the bed. She's 2 and decided she wants to potty train which sounds great but it's just the timing that's all. She refuses to wear diapers. so there's no turning back now.



LindsayB said...

congrats on the new little guy. i love the name, i think it is a nice man name. i agree at that point is total survival for you. who am i kidding? i go to bed some days after breakfast and i only have 2 who let me sleep at night!

Jess said...

Yeah!! Congrats on Dexter. It's a great manly name. Hope things go well and he keeps giving you some stretches of sleep. Enjoy!!!

Shelli said...

Congratulations! You look great. Take care.

Mandy said...

That is terrific! congrats! I LOVE the name. Very unique.