Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Day 1 of Operation Organization

I've had enough!
My house is in a rough state. We've been so busy lately with the rental property and all I just have been using this house as a pit stop. I want it to be more organized.
I don't want anything to be on top of our dressers unless it's supposed to be.
I want stuff in my house to have a home. I want my scrapbook room to be more welcoming to scrapbook in rather than just a dumping zone. I want just one or two bins of toys out at a time- not ALL of them.
The books go back in the shelf after we are done reading them.
Heck! maybe we will make our beds everyday!
bills will get filed and payed right away when they come in the mail.
Videos and DVDs will go back in the basket when we are done watching them.
CD will not be left out of their cases.
Laundry will go in their laundry baskets at the end of the day. Not all over bedrooms and our living room or wherever my kids strip.
There will be a place for the too big and too small kids clothes and they will go directly in there right when I think of it..

Mind you I am good at some of these things some of the time. Just never all of them all of the time. They say that your surroundings reflect how you feel inside and that is so true. I'm feeling pretty chaotic lately with three kids, and just life in general. I'm done procrastinating. I need more order in my house and in my life. My house just doesn't have a lot of square footage so I can't afford the chaos.
the whole reason I'm recording this online is to be accountable to a source. I have to record my progress everyday. Have goals of the week and such. so here goes...
This week I am working on toys.
All the toys have to go back in their respective bins and in the closet downstairs. I had this cool idea that I actually will carry out -of printing off pictures of the toys on the outside of the bin so Jonah and Geneva actually know what is inside. The toy room is in the basement. a real cave looking place. but I have had some art and stuff I was going to put up to make it look more welcoming. I think I will actually do it.
So that's this week!
I'm just putting toys away.
Hopefully journaling about this every night will help me stay motivated , but if all goes well I am going to have a well oiled machine of a house by April 5!!!!
these pictures are embarrassing I know but i knwo that i can get it to look better in one week. Who knows??? maybe I'll lose some weight in the process!
she's got a soother in her mouth I know... don't go there


meaghan.p said...

Cute Sarah! I am glad to see that other peoples homes get disorganized! i figure.. I am a clean person, I LOVE organization, I just hate cleaning, BAD COMBO! Good luck with your goal!

Susie said...

hey hope week 1 had some success to it! I am doing some organizing before we move too or at least attempting. SO crazy how much 'stuff' we can accumulate especially with kids.

Susie said...

oh and your family is the cutest I saw some of the pics Rhonda took!! love them

LindsayB said...

just 15 minutes a day. that's all i can handle above the regular stuff that HAS to be done. tomorrow i will wash walls for 15 (for what feels like the millionth time)