Monday, March 10, 2008

day 6

So maybe I started Operation Organization. on the wrong week. Our Renters Move into our other house on March 15th. Maybe I should fill in the small crowd of people who read this. We rented out our old house to someone I thought was mature and responsible. but last month she went AWOL. left the place pretty trashed. we didn't know until about the middle of the month, even though she had left the second of Februrary. Luckily we went on a little vacation the beginning of Feb. so he took out the his vacation pay so it covered both mortgages. so we were fine when her stop payment cheque came back to us in the mail. I am a little embarrassed to say that we didn't even notice. I should have kept better track of that. Anyhow. Dale and I (mostly Dale) have been spending any or all of our free time Paining, and cleaning and hauling out all of the junk she has left behind. After some prayers and faith (they were needed because it has been sowing down here) we found some hopefully good renters. references have been checked, but who knows.
So needless to say I have not been focusing on my little plan to have my house in better order. and the toy room was a bad place to start and see some real success, because every time I have gone down to organize the toy bins the kids are right behind me dumping the bins out and playing with them, can you blame em?? I did buy a frame for a really cute poster I bought so I will take some after shots it just might not happen in the timeline that I had hoped for... Rarely anything does in my world.
Wow can I blab!
on a different note I got to go over to a friend in the ward's house to record a song for the enrichment this Tuesday. It's a song off the Curious George soundtrack called "with my own two hands" I am putting together a slide show with the sisters in ward in it . I hope it turns out. it's late. sleep time is precious.
Over and out.

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Jess said...

That is rough about your renters. Hope it all works out with the new ones.
Some good advice someone told me today is remember that tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it. So if it didn't get organized today start tomorrow even just a little. I like that philosophy because somedays nothing that I plan to do gets done.