Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jonah is 4

Feels like I just did a post for Jonah's 3rd Birthday party.
He really wanted to go bowling. Preschoolers bowling is a tad chaotic. They just don't like waiting. We ended up just making them all just line up and slide their balls down the pipe cheater thing. We jammed up the ball return 3 times because the balls were going down way too quickly.
I wish I got better pictures but between chasing geneva, and helping the "bowlers and making sure Aubree was still alive in her car seat this is pretty much all I was able to capture.
Now presents with preschoolers is another funny thing. They come to the child with their present and hold it 2 inches from their face and say Jonah open mine first! and sometimes if he doesn't open it fast enough they "help" and just open it for him .... then Jonah or the other kid wants you to take it out of the packaging NOW...while the other children are shoving their presents at you to open it now! the whole time I'm trying to get Jonah to ackey arrive to the child and says "here Jonah it's a present for you it's a transformer, but don't tell"
Love it
The Cake
first off, thanks to Maurita for the brilliant idea...
Well the the day of his actual birthday is when I decided to attempt making him an optimus prime cake. I had been dreading it all day and actually talked myself out of it then I thought "no, I could still pull this off" so I Phoned dale and asked him to pick up the food coloring. And after dinner, in a group effort(okay the kids didn't really help, they just ate the icing and got in the way) Dale and I constructed PRIME by the time we were done it was like 9:30 and the kids had to go to bed. Instead we took a picture of it and had it for lunch the next day on April 1st. IT was so fun making it. Next time I will plan a little better than starting it at 7pm the day of the event


Just Rhonda said...

ooooh that cake looks awesome!!!! (Did you ever get your CD???)

Jess said...

Love that cake!!! You are so funny. Quite the birthday party. Looks like fun!!

LindsayB said...

that is an awesome cake and one crazy party. you are the best mom ever!

Mandy said...

great cake! I can't beleive what a good job you did. Looks like fun!